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    Heat Pump

    What is the best defrost scheme for a packaged water heating heat pump. I have heard about using reversing valves to defrost. Can anybody explain the hot gas defrost? I am specifically interested in components needed to have hot gas defrost (i.e., for reverse cycle need reversing valve, may be an accumulator?).

    I am trying to assess the cost, reliability of defrost cycle method, and effectiveness of defrost (obviously that comes with logics). By effectiveness, I mean having an efficient defrost cycle with minimum energy usage and energy losses. Thanks.

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    Is this system for making hot water or for heating/cooling your home?
    Is this system two seperate pieces or one unit with water hooked to it?
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    Packaged water heating heat pumps, otherwise known as geothermal systems that use in ground loop systems if that is what you are talking about, do not require defrost.

    More details as to what you are trying to attempt, please.
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