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    American Standard Nomenclature help

    Deciding on a replacement 2 Ton Heat Pump system & trying to make sense of the #'s.

    In the Heritage 20's want to know difference between 4A7Z0024 and the 4A6Z0024?

    Benefit over a Heritage 16 model 4A5H6024A?

    For the Air Handler I'm thinking 4TEE3D31 which would allow me to add the AccuClean later if I choose?


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    4TEE air handler already has the AccuClean integrated into it.

    Difference between the Heritage 20 HP models is one has a variable speed condenser fan motor, and the other is single-speed.

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    Guess I am really having trouble making sense of the website.

    It says that a 4TEE3F31 has intergrated interior AccuClean filtering. So I was guessing it was an option for the exterior of a 3D31?

    When you go to Specs for Heritage 20's in 2 tons it only list the 4A6Z0024.
    No mention of the 4A7Z0024 & what the difference may be.

    I understand the 16 & 20 models have different SEER ratings.

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    They're not gonna show everything on the site. Elsewise no one would call their contractor.

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    Ah, 4A7Z is a condensor & not a HP.
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    4TEE3D has the AccuClean

    4TEE3F does not

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