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    Re: Closed thread of "which Honeywell aquastat"

    I understand your DIY issues. But for the record, I have been in the plumbing/water conditioning industry since 1977. I am a Level 6 Water Specialist covering point of use/point of entry applications, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, demineralization through ion exchange, filtration, disinfection, and ozonation. I have constructed three complete bottled water plants from the ground, up and received NSF certification in each, handled high purity water treatment for many hospitals/medical facilities, done countless commercial/industrial applications. I have done lots of consultation work and system design for the DEC and EPA regarding ground water remediation of volitile organics and carcinogens. I have installed many pumping systems, both commercial/residential, complete plumbing, drainage and septic systems, as well as hot water boiler systems. It's rare that I work with boiler aquastats. I've installed them when doing systems but don't really get involved in servicing them. I just know the one I'm referring to is bad. All I was trying to do is get information from someone who does on a constant basis, so I could be sure I got the correct part.


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    Any aquastat could be a control device or a safety device or both. No one on here is going to give out info to someone who can not tell the difference or does not have the technical skills to perform testing to see if the problem might lie beyond this control.

    With your extensive background you must have a company or technician in mind that can accurately perform the necessary tests and inspections on this pressure vessel.
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    Which still makes your other thread, a DIY thread.

    Please read site rules again.

    Enough said.

    Thread closed.
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