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    I need help sizing system and dehumidifier

    Here is my problem,

    I have a 1200 sqft. room with a 200 sqft. pool. The room needs to be 72 degrees and the pool will be 80 degrees. I need to keep the humidity around 50%. I am in south Louisiana and we don't have many indoor pools. Where do I start. I need heat load from pool and rate of evaperation. I can do the rest if I know the BTUs and water vapor from the pool.

    thanks for any help

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    Find a pool unit manufacturer and have them help you. They can run a load for you with all of the humidity concerns as well. I would guess that 72 is real low for what you want to keep in the room. You are going to have a problem that low. When you run the room to low in temperature you cause fog!!

    There are several dehumidifier manufacturers out there and they sell real nice stuff.


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