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Thread: Hoarders

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    I am unsure myself
    Quote Originally Posted by spotts View Post
    I'm the dead opposite! Drives my wife crazy! If I look at sumpthin for too long..... it becomes trash.
    ha I am the same I hate clutter. Everytime my wife goes out of town she wonders how mnuch crap will be missing when she gets home. The lady at the dump knows mne by name now. I am there almost every weekend

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    had a customer whos kids came home and asked why there mom cleaned the garage out...messed up thing was there was still no way to get to the fau took us an hour to move all the crap

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    I tend to be the opposite, if I havent touched an item in over a year i'll throw it away, sometimes i'll try and sell it but I'd rather not deal with the hassle. Monday the garbage company is coming for a free large item pick up this weekend I'm going to be going through the house looking for something I dont use anymore.

    A clean house is a happy house. I dont want to piss my house off, it'll do things to me that I dare not want to think about.
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    I love my messy dirty house. It's so great when you're done eating to just toss the dirty plate on the floor. You guys should try it sometime. It gives you much more time to sit and watch tv.

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    I have a couple of tenants that are like that, One little old lady has a path to each room, took her 3 hrs to widen the path to her kitchen so I could replace her stove, then she still had the oven and bottom drawer full of canned foods. Sometimes when I open up furnace room doors they are crammed full, I just tell them to call when it's cleared out or leave a note to clear it out. When I worked at John Deere in parts dept. If we didn't sell it in a years time don't stock it, I've adopted that thinking at home to, now that we moved to an apartment it's even shorter.

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    I've fired a few as customers...they tend to be unsanitary homes and I don't expect the techs to work in a house that I wouldn't.

    And as a side note, I have been accused of having OCD in regards to clutter and cluttered areas...I absolutely hate it.

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    when i first started out i did installations, a family of four(husband, wife, two daughters) wanted a unico system with new boiler that fed a hot water coil and had a UV light/media filter combo. alot of money of course. i never saw the husband at the house.

    we put in the diffusers first. when i go to the basement to start placing the main supply trunk line, the basement must have been filled with every item that this family had ever bought in their entire lives!!!! and the house itself was cluttered with toys and clothes to begin with! i had to build a multiple mountains to make room for the equipment making the job take twice as long to get done. their were dead mice everywhere + spiders all over the place. i'm thinking "why bother putting the high efficiency air cleaner in? they must think they'll never have to clean this place now". and the wife actually had the nerve to tell me to not break or damage anything as if it were in some kind of safe logical order!?!

    then one late day i finally see the husband come home from work. he walks in, grabs a beer, sits in front of the tv and puts the phillies game on while looking at the other scores on his laptop. he barely acknowledged his wife or kids. the wife talks to him about a bunch of different crap that happened during the day and i don't remember him saying a thing to her. he couldn't have been bothered to look at this super expensive system he just had installed in his house, as if it wasn't even his!

    guess his wife replaced him with items and then made a garbage kingdom! strange.....
    You have to pay your due's before you pay the rent!

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    2 years ago we installed new cast iron baseboard in a vacant house where all the radiatiors had frozen and burst (owner left for the winter and turned off the heat because it was too expensive). Every room was stacked 3-5 feet tall with stuff. Not trash, just stuff. Nothing rotting etc. Every floor was uneven, with some floors 4-6 inches higher on one wall then the other. I knew it was bad when I disconnected the pipes from a 300 LB cast iron radiator, pried it loose from the dents it had formed in the hardwood floor and it slid all the way across the room and slammed into the other wall.

    eventually it started getting hot so I thought I would head up to the 3rd floor/attic to open some windows for ventilation. What do I find? Two pallets of bricks...In the attic. WTF. No wonder the house was collapsing.

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