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    McQuay Turbocor?

    What do you guys think about these machines?
    Tech Support?
    Is factory training availible? McQuay factory Or Turbocor Factory training?

    I have a few jobs where these machines would be ideal for the application but a little hesitant to but our name on the line with these machines. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    I have several chillers with the turbocore on them one being a Mcquay WMC, also smardt chilller and a few multi-stacks. They seem to be reliable have had a few problems with electronics in the compressor itself. Training is available for these at all 3 manufactures. You definetly need training to work on these or you will get no support from anyone when they you have problems.

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    Check out Smardt, McQuay always blocks any effort, as a independent service provider, to do service on their chillers - tech support, training, etc.

    Smardt has the best mircoprocessor, and all of the manufacturer's machines are about the same. Keep in mind, Turbocor is a completely separate company providing just the compressors to Smardt/McQuay/Multi-Stack.

    Cost is much more than a conventional centrifugal, but the energy savings are huge. Each manufacturer's pricing is about the same, but Smardt will "work with you".

    No problems with reliability if the unit's installed correct and controlled properly.

    Training is critical, and is more software/control oriented than mechanical. A good centrifugal mechanic can get up to speed quiclkly with a little training.

    Turbocor - no oil or noise.

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    I have seen most turbocor chillers. I have worked on a McQuay but it was a t-cor issue not mcquay. They look nice but shure seems like overkill on the contol side of things.

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    I though the McQuay WMC course I attended in August of 2006 was very good.
    Don and Charlie are some of the best instructors I have had.

    The only bad part was when this fat boy from WA stepped out of the airport and discovered a whole new definition for humidity.

    The machine is doing very well.

    I have also visited a Smardt Turbocor machine, and they are darn good, too.
    Possibly better, but they don't have the support here that McQuay has.
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