Not sure if this is the site to ask my questions and I'm not even sure a problem exists, but......Bought my first dehunidifier 2 months ago. Unit works well. It's installed on a shelf in basement of raised ranch. Basement sq. ft. is approximately 400, with the largest room being about 250 sq. ft. Lately the outside humidity has decreased due to weather changes, (I live in Northeast). Noticed this weekend that at setting of 50% or higher, unit would cycle off/on about every 10 min. If I set to 40% or lower, it would run much longer....can't say how long, but it wasn't cycling on/off. All windows and doors were closed.

--- Is this unit that sensitive that it senses humidity change and cycles like this, or is there a problem?

--- What is optimum humidity to maintain in basement?

--- Is a dehumidifier expensive to run? Can it be compared to a small air conditioner?

--- At what point do I know it's time to shut down for the season? When boiler starts to supply heat or outside humidity drops considerably?

Thank you,