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Ok, stop right there! Let's look at the post office. What's wrong with it?

Does it not offer a parcel service nor comparable to UPS/Fedex? It sure does.
Does it not offer small letter service comparable to UPS/Fedex? It beats them by a long shot.
Does the quality of service suck? Not according to independent satisfaction surveys.
Does it run a deficit or use tax dollars? Nope! It turns a small profit that is limited by law.

August 6, 2009

USPS’s financial condition and outlook continue to deteriorate with a
worsening outlook for mail volume and revenue. USPS now projects mail
volume to decline to 175 billion pieces in fiscal year 2009, a 13.7 percent
decrease from fiscal year 2008. As a result, USPS projects for fiscal year 2009:
• a net loss of $7 billion, even if it achieves record savings of more than $6
• an increase in outstanding debt to a total of $10.2 billion; and,
• despite this borrowing, an unprecedented $1 billion cash shortfall.

Quite the contrary...