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The fact that my daughter was born the way she is, I know that TV will not influence her sexual preference!!

And as far as being influenced, we all see sex, violence, and criminal acts everywhere. She is smart enough to make her own decisions because that is the way she is being taught. Like I said, to waste your time worrying about what they show on TV is ridiculous. Gay sex, murder, violence....big deal!!! She will turn out fine because of good parenting. That includes limiting how much she is exposed to certain things. She already understands that some men are with men, and some women are with women.....we are raising her to accept all types of people because everyone is different.
Well Seaton take it for what it is worth but I would say that this attitude has a very large bearing with the reason you are in your current situation. This country is failing and our position in the world is failing because of a serious lack of moral standards.

If you and others cannot see that children seeing that their idols on TV and in the movies have no moral brake and that anything goes as far as restraints in life give them the go ahead for similar conduct, I feel sorry for you. Peer pressure is a major obstacle to overcome in a young person’s life and when those on the public stage exhibit no restraint in their behavior it makes it that much harder for a young person to buck the trend.