The biggest challange is to keep a home dry when there is a no cooling load and minimal fresh air ventilation. The outside dew point was upto 64^F with a 67^F basement and upto 7 occupants. The 65 pint/day ventilating dehumidifier operation was limited to the 14 hours of 60 cfm fresh air ventilation. This limits the short cycling of the dehumidifier which may save 30-40% operating cost from short cycling. This in on the edge of being able to maintain <55%RH. The dehu 5-7 KW per day for fresh air ventilation and removing a 100 lbs. of moisture for the week. We are getting into low enough dew points that the fresh air ventilation has low enough dew points that the ventilation air removes some of the moisture generated by the occupants. I am posting the info on PDF. Click on the file and your computer should be able to display the details. Regards TB