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    Texas school turns away 'non-residents'

    Even in a small community such as ours, residency is a requirement to attend the local schools. We have a small school district adjacent to ours that only goes to 7th grade. Those kids get the option of going to one of three high schools adjacent to their district. The home school district pays tuition for them because they do not live in the high school's district.
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    we have to prove residence here in our school district...I had to go up to school with my ID and current utility bills..I took a elec bill that was 3 months old, they did not accept it.had to bring last month elec bill and all info had to match for my daughter to attend...I do not see a problem with it at all..

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    Same here in Odessa, TX

    They also did this in Kermit and Wink, TX and the schools was small compare to Odessa.

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