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    UV light on timer

    Just got a new Infinity system installed with UV lights (2 of them). Installer said that the UV lights stay on 24/7/365, which seems like a waste to me, especially when the system isn't running at all at night. Was thinking of putting them on a timer that they shut off from midnight to 6am, when the fan most likely will never run (or even if it does, wouldn't run much), to save electricity. I know it isn't much, but adds up to probably about an additional $25 / year in electricity we could save (yep, running those lights costs nearly a quarter / day at our current power rates, so over $80 / year if they are left on all the time).

    The installer didn't think it was a good idea to switch them on and off; they might burn out quicker. Other florescent lights aren't like that - the ballast might burn out quicker, but the life of those is really long anyways. Is there any reason that I should not put the UV lights on a timer?


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    The uv lights efficiency goes up when there is no airflow from the temperature rise. They are doing more work cleaning the evap coil removing bio slime. For IAQ you get very little benefit from UV light by them selves in a moving airstream because of lack or residence time in beneficial UVGI light.

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