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Thread: Pump Module

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    Here's a pump module we fabricated recently.

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    Nice work blackearth!!! tekmar 363 or 364, isoflanges on all pumps, clean joints. you dont mess around do ya?

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    I bet he built structures out of tinker toys as a kid
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    Very nice looking job indeed. I would like to learn something from it,
    so here are my questions.
    Is this residential application?
    There is a group of valves to the left of Tekmar controller.
    Two gate or stop valves with green handles and ball valve between them. Why three valves in a row?
    What is the brass part above these valves?

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    Yes this is for a residential application. The valves to the left of the Tekmar 363 are a ball valve with boiler drains on each side for filling. The brass part above the valves is the automatic air vent, a Honeywell Sparco Powervent. Those Powervents work very well.

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    more questions

    is this a low temp application?
    how are you heating the house? air handler/baseboard/cast radiators?
    there is a lot of water movement if all zones are calling?
    is a 1" feed to supply adequate??
    just some thoughts

    great work!!

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by blackearth
    [B] The valves to the left of the Tekmar 363 are a ball valve with boiler drains on each side for filling.

    I could not tell from the picture that
    they were drain valves.

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    Nice looking, but where is the blower motor?

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    Yes this is for a low temp application. The upper pump feeds a floor with above-floor heat transfer plates. The next one down feeds a manifold for the lower level slab. The house is around 2000 sqft so 1" feeds are more than adequate.

    As for the blower motor, you could mount one behind the whole thing and heat the mechanical room ;-)

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    Talking NO, NO, NO

    It's just one of them fancy european towel warmers!

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    You forgot to install a boiler, don't you hate when that happens.

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    I dont see a burnt fitting one , very nice looking with everything square , straight , plumb and level .

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