I would greatly appreciate any info you can give me. Our Carrier contractor, installed our Carrier (Climate Master Tranquility ) all in one unit and they attached it to our wall bracket. We asked about a free floating stand, but were told nothing was engineered to support the weight. So now we are left with vibration in the wall it is attached to. We also get alot of noise like a clunk when the compressor kicks in and then a hum until is shuts off. They also installed it on a 3 inch pad ( not neophrem?) like the manual calls for as our electric company wanted in on a special pad to qualify for the rebate from them. But the pad slipped while installing the unit, and now about 3 inches are not on the pad. What should we do? We contacted another company that recommened a free floating stand which they would build which they say would help with the vibration and allow more air to the unit. Plus they would put it on the recommened pad (neophrem?). Would appreciate any recommendations as what to do.