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    Carrier vs. Payne vs. York vs. Tempstar

    Hi all,

    I was quoted on a new central air system and given the option between Carrier and Payne, Tempstar, and York. To my understanding Payne is owned by Carrier. Is there a significant difference between the two brands? Should I spring for the Carrier, or is Payne just as good? Also, would anybody choose the Tempstar or York. The prices are a few hundred cheaper for these two brands. Thanks in advance!

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    Model #s!!!

    Carrier makes basic and high end. Payne is only low end. Tempstar and York also make basic and high end. Personally I'd buy a better grade if budget permits. And most important thing is right size and good install. That's hard to find.

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    A couple of the people who my husband's friends sent over to 'give me a quote' basically just gave me a $$$ quote and said I had a few different brands to choose from. The two best companies I had that gave me quotes both gave me brochures, and the model numbers. From searches here I also was able to find some better model numbers to check out as well. And, once I did, since they'd already been to the property, done their calculations, they were just able to give me their prices on the models I was interested in.

    They are not going to give you the better models if you don't seek them out. Definitely inquire about what the model numbers are. And, then compare them on:

    That will give you an idea!

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    Here is my problem,

    You had professionals in your home and they each gave you two choices each. Old schools is that we present you Good-Better-Best. You make choice, no buyers remorse, everyone wins.

    That is old school, what we have been doing for years, change it up a little. And goes against the above, Invite them back to sell the system that best meets your budget considieration as well as site consideration. They probably do have a distint opinion... it may not be the Porche, it may not be the Yugo. Truth of the matter, they failed to make the sale because they wanted to present you options, failed to access your needs.

    I say invite them back, because you already showed that you trust them, and this is something that has no price attached to it, homework should have already been done. They should be helping you find that unit that best meets the situation. This will be your oppurtunity for them to explain why. Your comfort is #1, all else should fall into tech speak, make them tell you what it means to you (other than qualifiying for tax credit or rebates, SEER, EER, and HSPF are only a number to is not your job to undersatnd those, concentrate on what you want to accomplish by putting in this new system.)

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