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    One HiV system in 3 story house - which floors to cool off?

    Hi all,
    I have a 2400 sqft, 3 story house in the Philly area. The house doesnt have central air now, and I was looking to add a new high velocity central air system installed.
    The first floor has dining room, living room and a kitchen.
    Second floor has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
    Third floor has 1 bedroom and 1 big bath (that might be converted to an extra bedroom in the future) third floor currently not used but will probably be used in the future.

    Im getting estimates now and one contractor told me that its recommended to install one unit to cool off the 2nd and 3rd floors, while the 1st floor will still be kept cool enough (by cool air from upstairs flowing down, and hot air up).
    I always thought that the standard in these old 3 story houses is to have central air in 1st and 2nd floors and have window units in the 3rd floor.

    My concern is that the 1st floor is too big (it has a kitchen extension and is bigger than the rest of the house) to be cooled off by the cool air flowing down from upstairs and that parts of it (mainly the kitchen, which is far away from the stairs) will still be humid and a little hot. And I dont really want to add another wall unit or window unit to the kitchen.

    Which method do you think is better? 2nd and 3rd floors or 1st and 2nd?
    Thanks for reading!

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    Cool 3rd and 2nd, I bet 1st will do pretty well just from what falls. Or snake a run or 2 down to the first. My cousin has a big 2 story that her Mom wouldn't let them put many runs downstairs. There are only 2 and in horrible locations yet the first floor cools fine in hot weather. Not HV, standard system.

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