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    Hermetic compressor leak

    Is there a certain condition that causes leaks around the terminal connections on a hermetic compressor or is it something that just happens now and then? I read something about this subject some time ago but can't remember. Thanks.

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    Could be more than one cause. Acidic oil eating away at terminal connection seals is one. Overheating of terminal connector due to poor electrical connection could be another. The seal itself may be defective.

    The end result is the same. The compressor is toast and must be replaced.
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    Moisture under the cover and the terminals rusting away.
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    I find quite a few on ice machines from the acid cleaners.Often get a ice machine that leaks out most of the refrigerant and I nitrogen test and can't find a leak.I crank up a few notches 350lbs and it starts fizzing out of bottom of compressor.seems the oil wont let it leak until reverse gas cycle.this is on ice machines that have the insulation pad under the compressor and it always stays wet which also holds the ice machine cleaning solution

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