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    need advice on flue size

    hello folks, I am installing Preway style fireplace. The unit has an 8 inch diameter chimney. The dimensions of the fireplace are nearly identical to the Malm Zircon 38. The chimney on the Zircon 38 is 9 inches and they advertise that a 10 inch converter is available. My fireplace is 36" wide.

    My plans are for a through the wall installation, so there will be two elbows involved. So here is the question... am I at risk of having draw issues with an 8 inch chimney with two elbows? Should I go with a 8 to 10 inch converter and run 10 insulated Duratech or should 8 inch Duratech be ok? Is there any downside (besides addtional expense ) of going with the 10"?

    Thanks for the input!!

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    Exclamation DIY pre-way style installation

    Step one- install plenty of functioning smoke alarms and low level CO monitors
    Step two- hire a qualified professional to assist you in the selection of the fireplace SYSTEM and components. I made SYSTEM bold because that's what they are--fireplace and chimney tested and listed as a system. That means no cobbling components, no free-style, no mix and match. You buy the entire system with chimney and components listed for use with that specific model fireplace.

    The max. offset from vertical is 30 degrees for a 'fireplace'. If your unit is listed to UL1482 as a woodstove, then you can make one horizontal offset through a combustible wall using a listed penetration to a factory chimney listed to UL103HT such as the DuraTech. That Chimney cannot offset greater than 30degrees from vertical. If you stack more elbows for a greater offset, you will burn your house down. Follow the listed instructions that came with the fireplace. If this is a used fireplace, it belongs in the dumpster. You would also need to meet all your stated clearances to combustibles for floors, walls and ceilings.

    If DuraTech chimney has been listed for use with this fireplace, then follow the installation instructions on allowable offsets such as how much min. vertical system height for each offset and max. offset btw ells. This really should be installed by a trained pro.

    So, what is the actual brand of this fireplace and model #?

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    mmm... scary

    How is that "preway style" Any Preway I have seen is a ZC fireplace box.

    What hearthman said is all true.

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