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Thread: glycol systems

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    glycol systems

    Anyone familiar with these? We may have a glycol-based reclaim coil added to the rooftop air handler for one of our buildings. How difficult are they to maintain and service?

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    No trouble . You should use a glycol or propanol anti-freeze made for your application as it's different than auto anti-freeze.
    Dow Chemical makes the two types. Dowtherm and Dowfrost. there are probably others.
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    Stay away from ethylene glycol, it is very toxic. I will only use propylene glycol anymore for new installs. Here is a little info on glycol to get you started.
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    Heard of a water cooled condenser (water source) ????

    Welcome to the water cooled evaporator (glycol) .....
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    As with any coil,, keep it clean. They basically capture energy that was going out with the return air and bring it back to the fresh air with the use of Glycol and pumps. Heat recovery is getting more important all the time as I am sure you know.

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