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    dual-zone mini-split Air-Conditioner

    Im wondering, if I have a building with a 1-ton cooling-load, and I wanna put a dual-zone mini-split a/c unit in there (One on second level, one on first level), but the system only comes in a "12000btu x 2" (2 evap coils) size, does that mean that EACH indoor unit is 1-ton or do they cool together for a total of 12000btu of a/c?

    -One ton of cooling needed in total
    -2 (mini-split) indoor units
    -1 compressor/condenser (mini-split)
    *What size mini-split system will work best?

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    Both indoor units running at full load capacity should not exceed the outside condensors capacity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWILS107 View Post
    *What size mini-split system will work best?
    You need to do a room-by-room load calculation to figure out the heating and cooling loads for both rooms. Take these numbers and look through minisplit manufacturers' engineering data to see what combination of indoor and outdoor minisplit units have the performance you want.

    A single ductless minisplit unit will not condition an entire floor. To condition an entire floor, you will need one minisplit per room or a ducted minisplit feeding registers in each room on the same floor.

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