Hello all. Last week I sold a customer an RF0399A flaker. I haven't sold this particular model to anyone before. Well, right out of the box the condenser fan is cycling excessively. It would run 5 seconds, off about 10-12, then again and again. It is in a 75F room. It was making ice. Investigating further, I found the suction pressure to be around 25psig, which is lower than the published 32-34 expected in the service manual. The cycling switch is working perfectly, cutting out at 260 and in at 280. Low charge. I leak checked well and found nothing. Called Manitowoc to make sure and get a warranty claim started and they say remove charge and weigh back in. I did so and now I have appropriate suction pressure. It is making ice at a much faster rate than before. Condenser fan is still cycling, but now it runs for 10 seconds and stops for 10 seconds. Just for fun I jumped fan switch so it ran continuously. The head pressure dropped to about 195 before it stabilized and suction dropped down to 30. Called Manitowoc back and told them my findings. They say the machine is now working normally. I disagree. The customer disagrees too, as the constant cycling is bothering the building's inhabitants. I am going to have to pull this machine from the site.

Anybody had experience with this model before? I have worked on a fair number of the Italian made RF modular flakers in the past two years. They have all the same mechanicals inside as this machine does. They don't cycle the fan at normal indoor ambients. The only idea I have at this point is that maybe the condenser fan is too large? It is an 8 or 10 inch fan with a large motor and it moves a tremendous amount of air. I mentioned this to tech support and I was pretty much told this was a silly suggestion and that the machine was working normally. I have never seen another specimen of this model, so I don't know. When the fan is stopped the blades protrude above the top of the coil.