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    VVT 11 system?
    I'm looking for information on a old Carrier/Parker Monitor T-stat, I've only got two areas, and there is a HF-31 Error code, on the main unit, how do I reset the T-stat.
    Is there a manual that I can get?
    I'm in Olympia Washington, looking for someone that knows how to program these T-Stats.

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    Hi Frank,
    I am a new user, and am looking for information on how to program a Carrier/Parker VVT11, system. I have a master & one slave, and the master has a HF-31 error code.
    Is there a manual for this type of T-Stat?


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    I used your instructions to load cview on a windows 7 machine and it seems to work good except I don't get any data from my controllers. I'm using the windows 7 machine as a work station. Any ideas?

    Thank You!
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    You are on the same hick-up as I am, been a few weeks since I have been able to further trouble shoot the problem and I have a feeling it's a dead end, speaking with Microsoft, Carrier and a few specialized technicians. It may be a communication problem with the bus or Telink and if that's the situation I don't have a solution, when I tested it on-site I wasn't getting Com Failure, I was getting no readings at all just blank data. Windows offers only one solution and it's expensive, it's called Windows 7 Enterprise, it allows you to downgrade from windows 7 to windows XP which we all know is compatible with ComfortView, problem is it will void the warranty on your hardware nor do they provide drivers for the hardware in your computer and the hardware with all new computers is specifically designed for Windows 7, that being said its a risk and a problematic predicament we are finding ourselves in, Carrier knew this would happen sooner or later and they are monopolizing their products, but forcing you to use their services, no one can work on iVew EXCEPT technicians that work for Carrier, they only train their own employees to even learn the new software. Just as stumped as you gentlemen!!!!!!

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    Changing the OS doesn't void or invalidate any hardware warranty on the computer. They just might ask you to do a restore to "make sure" it isn't a software issue. I think we are a ways away from drivers not being available for XP on current hardware also.

    XP isn't that rare yet either, can still buy it online if you search around a bit.

    But yes, I hear you shame on anyone selling something that doesn't work on 7 these days. Even my company which is pretty slow to adopt new OS for our laptops is going 7. I just completed some rounds of software testing for our new technician machines and not only are they win 7 but they don't have a serial port either. Surprisingly enough XP mode and our old supervision based software actually worked better than our XP machines go figure.
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    UPDATE: purchased network service tool V through Carrier Distribution (little over $ 500) and works great with Windows 7 and talks to Anything Carrier LOL

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    I have service tool V and I have gotten that to work. I can't get comfortVIEW v3.1 to work. When I did everything frank said it gives me and error saying "already in session with another user" and I'm the only user on this pc. Running windows 7 64bit. Any suggestions?

    Side note: I have installed and currently service 3 i-Vu's and love them. I'm not sure if it's out yet, but I know an update is out or in the works for it to be compatible with Firefox and safari. Currently mine are only compatible with internet explorer........ which was a stupid move by carrier in the first place.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HVACFranks View Post
    I wouldn't buy anything from Carrier, they are basically Monopolizing their product, in short, you can't get windows XP or lower from any major PC Provider, which is all COMFORTVIEW is 100% compatible with, forcing you to buy their new software called I-View...the thing with I-View is that you have to subcontract all controls work through carrier, you can't even take classes on how the system operates. I've been doing research with a Co-worker and a company called DISTECH Controls seems to have some great affordable alternatives, allowing you to get into any system with some of their products... I would look into calling them if I were you, I suppose it depends on what you are trying to do.

    P.S.- Still haven't installed the Tel-Link

    Carrier is one of the few major equipment manufactures you can get all the training you want. Carrier university offers it all from controls to chillers!!!! I-Vu is not a software it is the front end. Field assistance is the software to program and commission the new carrier open protocol. I have two programs for or service techs and I don't work for carrier. They have all the IOM for all there controls Great documentation .

    NWST will work on Vista and windows 7. You just order it and comes with the usb to rs45 adapter and the software to load it up.
    Best of luck LocoMike

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    Sooooo... no help?

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    mike, if youd like to email me i can help you out ive had comfortview working on my windows 7 machine with few issues

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    Hi Guys.
    Does Carrier University have a course on using Service Tool v or is there information anyone would have explaining how to download software onto boards? I need to change a faulty EXV board, but I have to download the software onto the new board. Cheers.

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    I do not believe there is any specific training on Service Tool V. Do you have the users manual?

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    NSTV is not going to download to an EXV driver board the only benefit you will have is to see the EXV maintenance tables. What type of chiller are you working on there?

    Quote Originally Posted by chill bill View Post
    Hi Guys.
    Does Carrier University have a course on using Service Tool v or is there information anyone would have explaining how to download software onto boards? I need to change a faulty EXV board, but I have to download the software onto the new board. Cheers.

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