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    Thumbs down New System Advice: Dallas Trane XL15i / 16i

    2,500 sqft house, ranch, high ceilings. No manual load has been done but I'm going to ask at least one of the companies to do so.

    Current: 2 units / Goodman 10 Seer (1995) 3.0 ton and 2.5 ton. The 3.0 ton unit is not keeping up with cooling in mid-day TX heat (slips to 82 degrees). Home warranty contractor found the evap coil dirty but don't want to invest in replacing it in mismatched system.

    Objective: Replace 3 ton unit now, 2.5 ton later. Obtain $1,500 credit if possible but don't want to oversize and cause issues. Considering 2-speed furnace for Comfort-R (dehumidification) benefit.

    3.0 Ton System Seer 16.0 EER 13.0 ARI# 3328133
    Condensor 4TTX5036A1000A
    Furnace TUD100R9V5 (2 stage - from what sales guy said this helps a lot with humidity here in TX - is this true, it is $ more)
    Coil/Evaporator: ADP TE47636D210B22


    The 16i is currently $ more and seems to be hated on these forums, so I'm gathering there isn't a great reason to get it unless the system is better matched for the $1,500 tax credit...

    In either case, I will get
    first year free maintenance plan (2x/yr)
    6 months same as cash
    heat load / heat loss calculation
    perform air flow analysis to determine duct sizing
    perform residential load calc manula j if necessary
    install new concrete pads for condensing unit if necessary
    new electrical cable to code
    install elecctrical disconnect
    re-insulate suction and liquid lines to chase
    install new flue pipe and adapter
    remove and dispose of old unit
    new gas flex line / black pipe
    level concrete pad
    charge system using super heat method
    Trane extended warranty new equipment parts and labor for 10 years
    Install programmable thermostat (they say honeywell but not model)
    install ceiling saver drain pan for attic installation
    Install Honeywell F-100 air cleaner
    Install new access doors in transitions for easy cleaning of evap coil
    Check duct to assure no air leaks
    Use aluminum tape to seal joint and mastic
    Member ACCA BBB Trane Comfort Specialist
    all air box plenums transitions are insulated sheet metal not duct board
    quality audit post insulation
    safety float switches

    Install Plenum (old unit missing penum)


    1. Is the ADP coil OK with Trane (and will Trane cover it with their 10 yr parts and labor warranty?
    2. Is there any reason to go with the 16i over 15i?
    3. What specific model thermostat best matches each of these units, I've read a lot about the VisionPro IAQ but if I get the 16i doesn't trane have integrated comm. with their own 803?
    4. Is it reasonable to expect that Comfort-R and spending a bunch more for 2-stage furnace is worthwhile in Dallas to reduce humidity levels... or will IAQ do the job for me?
    5. Generally speaking, do prices drop for A/C installs in off season? We will be willing to wait to save
    6. Is Honeywell F-100 a decent air cleaner (4")
    7. Any other qns I should ask vendor?

    Thanks so much for your suggestions and advice
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    No permit from city?

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