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    Geothermal IAQ thermostat settings

    I just had a new geothermal system installed. I bought an IAQ thermostat myself and gave it to the installer. He was new to this kind of thermostat but seemed to have installed it correctly. I enabled dehumidification (using low-fan/air-conditioning) after he finished. All seems fine but I was wondering what IAQ features should be set for my kind of system.

    Heat Pump Balance Point Temp? (currently set to 0)
    Heat Pump Aux Heat Lockout Temp? (currently set to 0)
    Any other settings I should care about?

    - ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 (w/aux elec heat)
    - Honeywell IAQ thermostat (w/outisde temp sensor)
    - Rinnai tankless natural gas water heater

    - Pittsburgh PA
    - 2000 sqft living space
    - Total building supply CFM 1850

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    The value of a desuperheater for a tankless water heater

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