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    buying from supply houses

    I've worked for a number of contractors over the years. Occasionally, I'd buy parts and equipment for myself, when I was picking up goods for my boss. Of course, a separate bill and I paid cash, always. I thought that I was getting the best price until recently. I was in a hurry to finish a job (no profit) for a handicapped friend. The counterman charged me more than I remember the price of the article. I asked about it, and the smartazz he is said, "that's the price, and you can't bring it back if you find it cheaper elsewhere." I was about to unload, but remembered that I was in a hurry and going on vacation in the morning. I found out after getting the time, that he overcharged me by quite a bit.

    I thought good, cash customers got the best price! Is this not the case? Are the counterman getting commission?

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    Every company probably gets different discounts based on how much they spend with a specific supply house. I usually do just like you, but they bill me as cash on my companys account so i get the discount. Also, dont think negotiating is off the table because it isnt and often times all you have to do is ask. The better the relationship with the counter guys you have the better, you will get better deals. For instance, @ different supply houses, same supply house but different location, quoted me on a 4 ton straight cool cond and ahu, the difference was about 500 bucks!

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    Credit accounts get best price.

    Sorry, price discussions belong in the pro forums. Not the open forums..

    If your in the trade, get your post count up, and apply for pro membership.

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