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    Question Equal vertical loop well depth?

    Hi, I've gotten 3 quotes for installing a vertical loop system (WaterFurnace Envision 3-ton).

    Company A says it will do 3 x 150' wells.

    Company B says it will do 3 x 155' wells.

    Company C says it will do 3 x 185' wells (and says their calculations show 150' is not enough).

    I asked Company B (the current low bidder...which I know isn't always the best) if they would go deeper and they said they would be willing to go deeper on the 3rd well to 225' (with no additional cost).

    So 2 questions:

    1) Is it okay if 1 well is deeper than the other 2? (would it affect flow, be harder on the pump, reduce efficiency, etc...)

    2) Is there any way for me to know for sure that they drilled the 3rd well 225' instead of just 155'?

    Thanks for your time,

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    Reverse Return

    Your loop field SHOULD be piped in "reverse return". The loops are returned in the reverse order they are supplied.(first in...last out) This set up INSURES even flow through the different loops...provided the loops lengths are with-in (+-) 10%. As you can see, 255ft is not with-in 10% of 155ft.

    Remember...Nature is LAZY. She will always take the path of least resistance.


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    we use to go 150ft. That was causing us problems especially with the entering water now we go 200 ft deep.

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