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    Interesting thread. Incidently, the repair in question cannot be done that way. The rule is anything over 15 square inches for 15 minutes, is considered a "Major" repair, therefore requires discharging a machine. Raising pressure with nitrogen will work as well for doing minor repairs but is ILLEGAL. This due to the refrigerant that will be lost during purging. As for not preloading the bearings, nice try. They absolutely will fail if not preloaded. As for working Factory or Non-Factory, There are pluses and minuses just like everything else. The GPS thingy is coming whether we like it or not. Whats more important is whether the continued micromanaging will drive experienced industrial HVAC technicians out of this trade because of the disparity of pay versus what some other field would pay for the technical knowledge we possess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKnyc View Post
    . As for not preloading the bearings, nice try. They absolutely will fail if not preloaded.
    Let me see here, CVHEs came out in like 1979, the hydraulic nut and press gig came out in the mid to late 90s I think. So you are saying that ALL the machines that were ever overhauled without using the press have failed, Incredible.
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    Yes they did come out in 79 but there have been numerous design changes and in particular bearing design changes and thats the reason for the bearing press etc . Go ahead be my guest. Change them without the press and I guarantee you will be back in 6 months, the customer if you still have them will be pissed ,and you or someone else will be changing them again and doing it the right way .
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    Lately I have heard of more failures using the press than not using it. We have one at our shop but the previous office I was in still doesn't have the thing' They never have had to do any over again.

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