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    Welding Exhaust Ventilation Basics

    Hello All, I recently was given the task at my job to provide an engineering analysis on a Welding Exhaust Ventilation system that is under-performing (they want to go from 600cfm to 2000cfm per ACGIH recommendations). My "normal" job doesn't involve HVAC in the least but since I'm the new guy and 2 years out of college they think im up for the task. Now the information I have on this system as of now is minimal but I only came here to learn some basics and figure out what I should research to upgrade a welding ventilation system. Is there anything to look out for when designing for welding exhaust that is different than normal ventilation? Is a jump from 600cfm to 2000cfm great enough that duct work may be necessary? What questions should I be asking and is somebody as uninitiated as myself be able to complete a project such as this? Thanks for any help!

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    Consult with the manufacturers of the exhaust fans you are thinking of using.
    They're engineers will talk you through it.
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    Depending where you are, you may have to get state HVAC engineered plans anyway, so like the man said, talk to whoever you are buying equipment from. And yes, to change that many CFM you will be looking at duct changes, unless the original duct was grossly oversize.
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