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Thread: PRO status??

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    Talking PRO status??

    What does it take to be a "PRO" here? It seems a kid in HVAC school qualifies as a pro on I wrong?

    I have 5 Cert's from mainstream-engineering, 608, 609, etc, I work with these systems on a daily basis, yet get turned down for "pro" status here.

    Please dont read sour grapes here, I'm just wondering about the selection process.

    I work for our federal government as a tech. I maintain\repair 14 HP and 4 mini split's. Since this is a "collateral" duty, it seems I'm unable to to ask technichal questions here, Since I dont qualify for "pro" Status. I DO work in the field!

    SO, what does it take to make one qualify as a pro here? I feel I filled in all the blanks, with proof. I'll be happy to give a Mod a tour of the HVAC in the buildings on the Navy Base that I'm resposible for.

    I desired it at one point, but do not require it..) Again, I was just wondering about the selection process.

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    Mods have nothing to do with the pro membership process.

    Your question should probably be emailed to one of the membership committee members.
    They are the ones entrusted with pro membership application proccessing.

    Thread closed.
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