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    Quote Originally Posted by timebuilder View Post
    Is this guy the new meaningless thread starter?
    You probably just hit the Nail (poster) on the head ! I think you are right, he's just stiring up the pot ! Hasn't replied to a single thread yet from what I can tell. Time to turn on the Ignore Shield !
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    Quote Originally Posted by hvac_superman View Post
    I stayed in this cabin when I was a kid and I remember the gas lights always flickering. It did have four walls at the time.
    It still has 4 walls. Just not in the same condition as they use to be.
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    Well, despite the lame OP, lights generally flicker cause the electrons are trying to find the shortest path between point A and point B. Sometimes there are two or more paths that are so close that the electrons jump back and forth between paths causing the light to "flicker".

    At least that is the way that I was taught....
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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    It still has 4 walls. Just not in the same condition as they use to be.
    The small building was built in 65 and the larger area that fell down was built in 69. I had many good times in that cabin. I have some real old photos somewhere that show it when it was new.
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