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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtech View Post
    hot water heater...

    why would you need to heat hot water
    See post #12, this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ndfrozen View Post
    Realize that an instant water heater raises the water temp about 40 degrees, if your incoming water temp is in the 40-50 degree range ( a 80-90 dregree shower is not what most folks want) you will need a small 20 gal. electric to pre heat it up. Especially if you are north of the Mason-Dixon line. Ranni has a good info on this issue. And they seem to want to make sure the installer gets it right. Hope this helps.
    Really wow buy a quietside then I come in at 50 and leave at 120 all day long. Sounds like a crappy product to me I will have to check if mine has an built in preheater but its all one unit. Simple stupid hook up water and gas and you are good to go I had it as hot as 160 during testing just to see.

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    If you are getting by with a 15 gallon tank, this may not apply to you, but with an 'on demand' system don't try and shower, or the fill tub, and do laundry, or any use that requires a large flow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emtim View Post
    15 gallon electric
    15 gals = 125# of water, raising it 80F takes 10,000 BTU, and doing it in one hour takes 2900w.
    Doing it in 6 minutes takes 29 kw.

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