I recentley replaced a large 35HP compressor and also replaced the suciton drier cores. I gave my local dist the # on the can for both the suction and liquid cores- said the same for both. When i replaced the suction cores I found them to be pleated paper elements rather then the desicants like a liquid drier, thought to myself well thats what i was told, so i put the desicant liquid drier cores in the suction canister, is that ok and can I mess something up in doing so? I later was told that the pleateds should go in there from the same dist- go figure. Also was wondering if i need to change the suction core when changing the liquid line cores. Should they (suction) be changed also even if theres no obvious sign of restricion (psi/temp drop ect. )there. My gut says yes but $ a real issue for the customer (Like its not always but ya know).