OK don't drill me on the terminology of the title to this thread, and forgive me for improper terminology in the rest of this message! but if you are one who could do so I'd probably want to hear from you!

Got a new K-W rack M# TD430-089-SC-5-NVH-B S# 0901000738, It's a MT rack split suction, Remote air cooled, controlled with CPC Einstein 2, also has the "tyler enviroguard like" "SPR" type system(no flow through or surge type reciever)

Drop Leg has solenoid that opens line to low pressure reciever type thing

Correct me if I'm wrong but I wanna know if i got this..... SPR solenoid opens dumping charge in to reciever/tank when sub cooling rises to reduce amount of juice in the condenser thus resulting in what it would result in.

The Kysor Warren book supplied had nothing on this set up in it.

If I am correct in this set up what are the control parameters for an E2? Dropleg pressure and drop leg temperature are calculated electronically in to drop leg sub cooling which controls a relay output for SPR solenoid?

Does anyone have any kysor literature on this item?

My service call, I get to store and the reciever is full, I think i may have a mechanical problem with the solenoid (sporlan MB6) I think that may be the cause but I want to verify operation and I need to know how exactly how do execute that though.