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    Sounds like you and your son just hit the lottery....

    You may not have them by the nuts in criminal court but you will dominate in civil court.

    I hope your son gets through this.

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    No excuse for that ! Over a cell phone? The other kids need their priorities straightened out ( plus the parents).

    The Kidnapping thing may be a dead end but maybe filing a charge may wake up both the kids and their parents.

    I got jumped in Jr High by 3 guys and beat pretty good. 4 years later ran into the guy that started the whole thing and told him to leave the building or he was dead meat. Oh yea, I had grown 10 inched and outweghed him by 30 lbs., He disapeared in the blink of an eye. I guess he wasn't so tough with out his buddies.

    Play it by the rules but someday it will come back to the other kids and they won't like it, at all !
    If sense were so common everyone would have it !
    Stupid should Hurt !
    If people took care of their cars like they do their HVAC Systems you'd see a lot more people walking

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