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It never amazes me to find things here
I know man this forum is awesome with a ton of great guys & gals, guess there is a reason they say this is the best trade in the world.

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Tuesday the 25th I went to the local ENT guy and am scheduled for the same swollen turbulents, sinusitis, polyps on 9/8. Glad to know I'm not alone. Looking for relief.
adamste81, keep us posted . I'm curious how it turns out for you.
Do the surgery man!! I was nervous and almost didnt do it but now 24 hours later am so glad i did. There is almost no pain, although the wife insists I keep taking the loritab just incase it comes back so I give in and take it

I am on steroids for swelling, antibiotics, pain meds and a saline spray every 4 hours. I am not sure how bad your sinuses are but basically I had to live on decongestants and nose spray and now I hope I never have to use them again. I also am doing allergy shots once a week to help with that, dont know if you have allergies but if you do get the shots after the surgery....the success rate goes from like 85% to 95% if you do. (but only if you have allergies also)