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    Carrier 30XA 200

    Could anyone help? Have a Carrier 30XA going out on Water flow switch, try to increase flow is ok. Is there a way I could lower flow pressure set point?.Thanks.

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    Off the top of my head I am pretty sure to the chiller its just a closed set of contacts...The switch it self has an adjustment if its external...Been a while since I worked on a XA mostly RA/RB's on my accounts...

    Do you have a flow issue? Clean suction diffusers? you could close off the outlet valve slightly to keep the barrel full and help the switch close...
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    Should be something like Leaving water temperature: 44 F (6.7 C)
    Flow rate: 2.4 gpm/ton ( 0.043 l/s/kW)

    Flow Sensor — The factory-installed flow sensor/switch
    should not require adjustment.
    Proper operation of this sensor/switch is necessary to allow
    the unit to operate and provide running freeze protection for the
    unit. When power is supplied to the switch, the amber LED in
    the center of the display will be illuminated.
    When there is chilled water flow, but the flow is inadequate
    to close the switch and allow unit operation, one red LED will
    illuminate. A red LED can also indicate inoperative pump(s),
    closed valve, clogged strainer or air in the system.
    When the first green LED is illuminated, the switch is
    closed and the unit will start and run. Various conditions can
    cause variations in flow and allow the switch to open and cause
    a “nuisance trip”. Greater constant flow will help reduce nuisance
    Measure the pressure drop across the cooler and use
    Appendix E to determine the cooler flow rate then determine if
    the flow rate is adequate for the application. A green LED does
    not mean minimum flow requirements have been met.

    Carrier ref,h-8t.pdf

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    30xa flow switch

    Thanks very much to both, it is been of great help

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