One day, a radio talk show was on air,

the host invited audiences to call in,

and come up with words that can not be found in dictionaries,

but makes sense in a sentence..

Calls come in, with all kinds of weirdo words, everything goes well until this call:

"Yes, sir, what is your word that is not in dictionary, but still makes sense in a sentence?'

"Goan, spells G-O-A-N."

"OK, not found in dictionary, how can you make sense with it?"

"Goan f*** yourself...."

The host hang up the phone immediately...

angry, embarrassed, but he was able to put it behind and keep the show going...

things are back on track, calls come in, there were laughs, there were winners, and there werer prizes so on and so forth...

until this call comes in

"what is your word sir?"

"Tsmee, spells T-S-M-E-E"

"OK, how do you put it in a sentence and make sense?"

"tsmee again, goan f*** youself!"

W # % 3 ^ *! #@!.....