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    Vendor of the Year

    Since I have taken on this job as service manager I have been on the phone a lot with the company's vendors.

    Everyday I am ordering replacement motors, compressors, heat exchangers etc. for every make and model of heat transfer equipment that you can imagine.

    Some vendors make you feel like reaching through the phone and ripping their hearts out. But other bend over backwards to help you get the stuff you need.

    This got me to thinking. If I was handing out a "Vendor of the Year" award who would I give it to ?

    Who would you give a "Vendor of the Year" Award to?

    For my company I would give it to--"United Refrigeration-Rutland (VT) Branch."

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    Embracco compressors' customer svc, one lady there is amazing to deal with!

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    Acme Control Service Inc. .. Dirt cheap, and helpful with all the circuit board problems as of late.

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