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    Refrigerant Charge Calculation

    I want to know how the refrigerant charge is determined for a self contained system such as a 1100 ton air cooled chiller with 8 compressors (4 circuits) 2 evaporator barrles probably 2 pass. The chiller was designed for where I am working in IRAQ. Each circuit takes 93 lbs. What I want to know is how was the 93 lbs determined for each circuit by the engineer. My guess is by condenser size and OA Temp. Today was 130 degrees

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    From what I've learned the charge is based on condenser, evaporator and liquid line sizes, refrigerant type and temperature requirements. These sizes are typically based on the manufacturer's specifications by unit tonnage. There are charts from the manufacturers that lay out proper refrigerant charge based on model and equipment size.

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    I am going to say this thread will be closed shortly. My advice is apply for pro membership and post this in the correct forum

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    pilot, you are correct!

    A moderator closed the other thread since this is a topic best suited for the pros forum. Starting another thread doesn't go over real well. toe tap2

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