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    Nordyne (Miller?)

    I'm trying to fill out a form for DTE Engery and I need to find the seer and tons on my old ac unit. I believe that it is a miller and the book states the model # as S1BA/S1QA. The only label I could find on the unit is to faded to read.

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    Need full model number of indoor coil and outdoor unit to get seer rating and size.

    If you can't read it, your HVAC contractor might have it on file.
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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, That's my problem. My best guess from the literature list several model numbers in the same book. The sticker has faded beyond reading, and my old contractor has passed away. The unit is a Nordyne instead of a miller and my best guess is that the model # is S1BA/S1QA-024K. I'm pretty sure that it is a 2 & 1/2 ton unit. Thanks

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    2 ton, 9.3 seer depending on coil to 11 seer
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    Thanks for the answer. Ir really helped. Sorry I took so long for the thanks, but I just got back to town.

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