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    Process Control on HVAC system for semiconductor clean room

    Dear Experts,

    I am quite new to this HVAC process control, and I need some professional advise on this.

    Query: What are the correct type of Temperature and Humidity sensors for a clean room of semiconductor industry?

    Thanks alot for your attention.


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    Most humidity and temperature sensors are within 2%RH/1 to1.5 Degree F accurate. Your sensors and control loop speed typically aren't the weak point in uniform temperature control. Its usually equipment valve cycling due to improper sizing. Depending on the size of your project there are a number of solutions that can provide steady room conditions throughout the entire space load profile. Identify at what temperature and humidity your process requires and how many degrees of freedom you have to assure your system reacts to load deviations.

    How big is the facility?


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    try to read this one, hope this would help:
    Flotech Controls Pte Ltd - Moisture Analyzer is an industrial process control and instrumentation which is usually use for Beverage Industries, Automotive, Natural Gas & Petrochemicals etc.

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