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    Whats the best way to balance an exhaust hood / make up air for comm. kitchen??

    Looking for the best way to balance an exhaust hood and make up air..

    It is in San Francisco and the restaurant its self has a large air handler with chilled water for cooling that is constantly running in economiser mode wich I need to factor in on balancing some how also has a small make up air on roof and exhaust fan belt drivenhave no numbers on hp or rpm yet need a permit just to get on roof of establishment I also know I will need possibly new pulleys any info will be greatly appreciated on the basics of balancing a hood

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    Overall, the restaurant should be positively pressurized. It sounds like the hood has both a supply and exhaust fan. Typical exhaust values for a commercial hood are around 100 CFM per square foot, but could be less depending on what equipment is below the hood. The supply fan should bring in about 80 to 90 percent of the air being exhausted. With the kitchen / hood area being kept negatively pressurized to contain cooking odors, additional make-up air should be brought in through the air conditioning system to pressurize the restaurant. This outdoor air quantity shall be determined based on occupancy ventilation rates as per ASHRAE 62.1, or what is required to interact properly with the hood system - whichever is greater. Of course, too much outdoor air shall not be brought in as to overload the existing air conditioner's capacity.

    A Test & Balance firm, and a local Mechanical Engineer may prove valuable in preparing a good set of plans to work from.

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