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    30 year old GE central unit 5- ton

    how much freon would a 5-ton general electric central air unit hold the unit is around 30 years old. started with a suction pressure of 60 and head pressure of 250. to get it to 70 on suction pressure had to put 10 lbs of freon in. the air handler, heat exchanger and evaporator are as big as a rerfigerator.
    makes sense that a bigger evaporator would hold more freon but that much?
    thanks gwalk

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    sorry dude no diy, read the rules!
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    I wouldn't worry about how much refrigerant it's supposed to hold, because the charge probably changes the second you finish topping it off. (leaks)

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    O.M.G. Stop adding refrigerant before you hurt somebody! Get someone to check it out who understands superheat, subcooling, etc.
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    Call a service company.

    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. We are not allowed to help.

    If you are in the trade, get your post count up to 15, and apply for pro membership.
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