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Thread: Safety Kits

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    Safety Kits

    I was wondering what you guys keep as far as PPE on your trucks.

    -Hard Hat
    -Safety Glasses
    -First Aid Kit
    -Fire Extinguisher
    -Ear Plugs

    What else do you keep readily available?

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    1st aid kit
    2 fire ext (one small for easier portability, one 5 pounder for bigger jobs)
    several pairs of gloves
    safety glass's (spares for people who might be with me, I wear my rx one's)
    gfi cord
    lock out tag out kit (both for breakers and valves)
    fire resistant coveralls (part of flash gear)
    Hot gloves (rubber gloves with leather gloves over them)
    Chemical gloves (an old rubber glove pair from hot gloves)
    hard hat
    bump hat (what a joke this is!, you JCI guys will agree)
    Flash hood. Basically a hard hat with a dark shield
    lots of ear plugs
    fall harness
    clear full face shield
    rain gear (I do kind of consider this PPE)
    Over shoes (once again, kind of PPE)

    I know I'm missing a few things but I can't think of what they are.
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    You left out hornet spray.

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