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Thread: New Camera

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    i have the canon dslr & got a card for high speed shots.
    in the sports mode i can stop a humming birds wings.
    lot off fun & very wide learning curve with these cameras.
    am going to have to get a lite attachment for it though because
    in some situations the flash is inadequate.

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    A good place to learn is Canon's web site. I imagine there are others.
    I have photographed for years but two years ago I bought a Canon Rebel. I think it walks on water. As many cameras I've had this is the first one with a learning curve.
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    Another forum for you to start hanging out in, lots of good info here,
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    I actually took a luch hour today for the first time in I don't know how long. I was in Boulder and decided to eat at the park insted of my van and then take some pictures. I ran across two mail men eating lunch and they invited me to eat with them. We had a great conversation for half an hour then I spent the other half takeing pictures of the geese and mountains, nothing worth posting but their turning out great, I'm only useing the manual features so I'm learning. I meat a realy neet lady last night at the top of lookout mountain while I was taking pictures of the mountain range at sunset. She seemed to be very knowledgable about photagaphy and gave me some pointers. Got a lot of leaning to do and haveing this digital camera insted of film is great I can see what I'm doing wrong instantly. I plan on spending the weekend in the rockies with my dog and the camera. I'm going to see if I can photograph or get eaten by a bear.

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    I got money on the bear!
    I love you tigger!
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