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    Question - Commercial or Residential ClimateMaster for residential use?

    Hi - I'm a newbie at this forum, though I've found it quite helpful over the past year in researching the experience of homeowners and professionals. Thank you!

    It's kind of a long story, and I won't get into the past, though my geothermal contractor has suggested the ClimateMaster brand. It appears that people are satisfied with the brand. In my scenario there were some supply complications, and I now have a ClimateMaster Genesis (GS) 3-ton unit hooked up to my home. It is a closed loop horizontal system.

    Because of the supply complications, I should have some choice - to stick with the current unit or consider the Tranquility unit.

    I've read with interest about the ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 systems, which appear to offer an EER of ~27, and COP of ~5.
    I've reviewed the ClimateMaster Genesis GS unit, which appears to offer an EER of ~16.4, and COP of ~3.5.

    Couple of questions -
    a) is there a benefit to the commercial Genesis series over the residential Tranquility series, or vice-versa (service, parts, reliability, type of refrigerant R22/R410-A, etc)?
    b) is there much of a price difference amongst the two models (base unit, with hot water, withOUT installation)... note, not actual price, just ballpark differences?
    c) this may be obvious, though if you had to choose amongst the two, which would you choose?

    Certainly I'll talk to my geo contractor about this as well, though I wanted to do some research prior to that conversation. I anticipate this is a great place to start!

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts - I really appreciate your comments/suggestions.

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    a) tranquility has a 2 stage compressor and variable speed blower which i always recommend. it matches the load better, better dehumidification and higher efficiencies (running in low)
    b) more money for the 410a refrigerant, 2 speed compressor, variable speed blower.
    c) i have sold 21 tranquility 27's this year and 0 genesis series.

    rebates around here tend to be better with higher efficient units. tranquility 27 is in my opinion the best deal for your money in the industry. my opinion, of course.

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    what are supply complications?

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