This would be geared towards other Florida Contractor’s.
I'm a new Florida Contractor and I have a job I'm bidding on. This is in a small 2 bedroom condo and in the middle of this condo is a utility room. In there is a Water Heater, wash machine, and Dryer. Above the hot water heater is this ugly wood stand and the air handler sits on top of it. The air handler has a slab coil with a hole cut in the side of it with fiberglass duct running up the side of it.

I am trying to propose a way to install this with a cleaner look. Plus the new air handlers I have available all have "A" coils and you can't run the return in the side of the unit. With the water heater under it there is limited space for a return duct. The other problem is filters. The customer has to climb up 10ft to change the filter in the side of the wall with vaulted ceilings. She is in her 70's.

I have been trying to figure out a way to alleviate all these issues and get rid of the 2x4's going from the wall to the floor and the ugly duct running down in front of the wash machine. I was thinking about putting a small apartment/condo style air handler with the return in the front. It can mount on the wall without the stand under it. Then the return I would put a grille in the ceiling and remove the filter at the other end. Turning this into a by-pass when the door is closed it will pull through that duct. She leaves the door open most of the time.

My question is "Does anyone know of anything in the Florida Codes that would prevent me from doing this?" I don't know if the air handler in the utility room and the air pulling from that room causes issues or not permitted by the codes. There are no gas appliances in the room or the house. Electric dryer and water heater. I pull permits on all my work and haven’t run into any issues as of yet, but this is something new with me. I haven't been able to think of any other better way. I wish I had some pictures. I could go back and take some. It is the most ridiculous thing I have seen.