I live in Ontario Canada. (hopefully that's a good start to my thread HA HA)

I researched on this forum about HWG (hot water generators) and the proper plumbing into a single electric hot water tank.

I purchased a 10 year old home with a 2005 model Climate Master GSV 060 (5 ton) geothermal unit with HWG. I have owned the home for 2 months and noticed a SUBSTANTIAL amount of electricity consumption. Last month (30 days) 3528 Kw/h. Yep, in Ontario Canada $0.21 per Kw (tax included) equates to $740.00 for the 30 day period. Yeah WOW.

So, we have no gas what so ever in our area. Geothermal Closed Loop system. Yesterday I conducted an experiment to shut down my hot water tank for 6 hours. It is a 80 Gallon REHEEM unit. I have no bunker (secondary tank). My energy consumption dropped in 1/2 for this period compared to the last 60 days. Here is my concern, I think my HWG is plumbed incorrectly to the HWT. I wanted to enter a picture but cannot figure out how so I will try to explain it. Two lines run from the HWG. (in / out). These two orange lines run into a four way T on the bottom of the tank. One is a drain, the other goes into the tank. Does this not create a vacuum drawing the pre-heated hot water from the tank back into the HWG of the geothermal unit?

Another little note: on the hot output (on top of the tank) is a circulation pump which circulates the hot water throughout the large home to acquire on demand hot water at the faucets. It's 1/25 HP less than 25W.

Any specialists that can help me on this would be VERY appreciated. I was told I cannot just close the valves on the bottom of the tank because the HWG pump needs constant circulation. Although, could I just disable the HWG pump and then turn off the valves if in fact this is why all my energy is being drawn from the Hot Water Tank?

Please help!