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    Quote Originally Posted by TerraPropHVAC View Post
    About 3 months ago went on a call that hallway carpet was wet. Followed procedure knocked 8 raps, wait a minute, repeat, after third time unlock and go in announcing maintenance turned corner in hall, found wet carpet and tenant asleep in bedroom b--t naked. backed out shut door and locked it then pounded on door till she answered, she was upset cause I woke up the kid. I just unclogged cond. line and left.

    Tits up or down?
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
    Walter Matthau

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    sorry spotts, they were away but wasn't much to look at any way

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    Quote Originally Posted by srmfsr View Post
    Wellll, did you "douche her PIPES?"
    No cant say that i did. She had a thicker beard than grizzly adams. To make it better she had about 6 kids runnin around. Grass was about 3 ft tall the younger kids kept disappearing in the jungle of a yard with a few junk cars in the mix plus an old riding mower or two. i got one kid who wants to keep touching the capacitor ...WHILE THE UNIT IS RUNNING....Im trying to tell the beast of a woman to keep her offspring away from the unit due to the dangers of high voltage. she laughs it off and tells me her and her husband are electricians and they are all USED TO IT !!! WTF?

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    I wear a size 15 wedding ring. this lady keeps commenting on how big my hands are and finally says she is glad I am not her gynocologist.

    All I could think to say was "me too".

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    I have told this one before.
    When I worked at the university. this happen over a spring break. I was in charge of checking t-stats in every students dorm room. I would knock and anounce my self as maintenence than procede in. I was told that the whole floor was empty since all the students had left for the break. I still knocked before i would enter. Well I get to this one door and I knock and knock. No answer I open the door.

    I see 2 guys buck naked in what can only be described has a " very inmiate " postion. They looked at me like deer in head lights. I held in my laughter and closed the door and went on break

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    I guess you didn't have to write that on the ticket after all.

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