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    90 degrees: AC help!

    I am a college student who just moved into a new apartment.

    We lived in the same complex last year and had issues with our A/C freezing over almost weekly in the hot months, leading to electric overages.

    We just moved into the new apartment Friday. The next morning i woke up in a bed of sweat. My room was at least 85degrees. The room is on the 5th floor of the complex with high ceilings and a large high window near the ceiling, facing east. It also has an east facing window near the back of my bed that has blinds, there is only 1 small air vent for the whole room. I called the maintenance man and when i asked him how hot he thought it was in the room, he said between 70 and 71 degrees(please note that the thermostat was set to 72, and the current temp was 74 in the house, however my room is noticeably hotter(not warmer) than the rest of the house.) He suggested I stop using a blanket. I basically asked him to install some blinds or something to keep the heat from getting so bad. He agreed and said he would get there monday, but never did. Meanwhile, i went and bought a thermometer to see just how hot my room was getting. Over 2 days i am running average temps of 80 at night, 85 during the day, and 90 in the morning.

    After a couple days he finally got back to install some blinds. He hung them over the course of an hour or so. While he was working he was sweating profusely. I offered him a cold beer and he declined. After he was done hanging my blinds, he complained to me that no one over the course of 15 years had ever complained about the heat in the room(he has worked here for 6 months) He kept telling me this, and I told him those people are all suckers and if I am going to be paying 550$ a month I expect an air conditioned room.

    This morning when i awoke, i checked my thermometer and it was less hot with the blinds up, but all day it has been hanging around 85degrees in my room, which in my opinion is unacceptable as a customer to this business.

    I have a big feeling that the A/C unit in this apartment is not big enough or powerful enough for this sized apartment. It seems to be the same unit that had trouble running our last apartment that had less space and less high windows than our current one. All day the A/C which is being asked to attain 72 degrees hovers around 75.

    I just want some help. I wanna know if this AC is big enough and if not then we are going to ask them to replace it.

    It is a Trane TWE030C140F1

    the house is AT LEAST 1525 sq. ft. but is considered at "penthouse" so it has high celings in 3 bedrooms and in the living room. I am currently trying to estimate/find the actual square footage.

    I have tried to go some google searches which brought me to this site.

    I would really appreciate the help! We were very polite and thoughtful to the maintenance man, and he obviously didn't want to have to help us out.

    Thanks for your time



    p.s. sorry for the long story and if you need anymore information please feel free to ask.

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    Best thing you can do is call a local pro to look at everything.
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    Evidently there is not much airflow from the register.
    Are there Return Air registers in that room?

    The air has to enter your room & leave it going back to the air handler.
    Does the air in your room have a Return path?

    What MPH or FPM Velocity would you say the supply air has?
    Supply air should be 6 to 8-MPH velocity.

    A small register requires more MPH/FPM Velocity to meet the BTUH CFM AIRFLOW REQUIREMENTS!

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